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'The substance is well known, under surveillance and forbidden,' a spokesperson for the Austrian food agency says. ©

Summer of DMAA: Spate of imports blocked in EU

By Annie Harrison-Dunn

There have been several cases of the dangerous stimulant 1,3-dimethylamylamine (DMAA) being blocked at the EU borders over the last few months. But what is being done to stem the flow of the outlawed ingredient?

Red yeast rice: Time for EU harmonisation?

Special edition: Botanicals

Red yeast rice: Time for EU harmonisation?

By Niamh Michail

Different maximum limits for red yeast rice mean the natural cholesterol management product is a food supplement in one country but a drug in others. Is it time for EU harmonisation?

Blame game: Supplements have been fingered once more for a doping infringement but are the facts surrounding the case contaminated?

On the spike: The curious case of a contaminated sports supplement


‘Don’t take sports supplements, they can’t be trusted’ was the takeaway message from Welsh track stars Rhys Williams and Gareth Warburton after the recent UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) tribunal agreed steroids got into their blood streams via contaminated sports...

China's draft food safety law will open door for supplements exporters


New draft law is a step in the right direction for supps exporters

By RJ Whitehead

A recent draft reform of China’s Food Safety Law, which is now available for public comment, is a great improvement for supplements exporters who have been increasingly frustrated at the time and expense required to gain certification in the country. 

Bitter orange and caffeine combo may be unsafe, says BfR

Bitter orange and caffeine combo may be unsafe, says BfR

By Nathan Gray

Sports supplements and weight loss products that contain a combination of caffeine and synephrine from bitter orange may not comply with current regulations and could be classified as unsafe, warns the BfR.

Food supplements are safest foodstuffs: Report

Food supplements are safest foodstuffs: Report

By Shane Starling

Food supplements and herbal products are the safest bodily inputs with the risk of death of using them less than 1 in 10 million, about as likely as being struck and killed by lightning, according to a report from the Alliance for Natural Health International...

Jack3D: Small study shows safety when used at recommended levels

Jack3D is safe: Study

By Shane Starling

A study of 25 healthy men has found DMAA-containing, pre-workout sports supplement, Jack3D, does not change resting heart rate, blood pressure or affect liver and kidney function when used at recommended dosage levels.


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