New evidence of Calcilife benefits

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Irish firm Marigot has carried out a new trial demonstrating the
benefits to bone health of its Calcilife ingredient, a combination
product containing the mineral source Aquamin and NutriFlora short
chain fructooligosaccharides (scFOS).

When combined, these two ingredients have indicated a distinct synergy, delivering, for example, increased calcium absorption, leading to improved bone health, enhanced gut health and a strong immune system. This synergy was highlighted by the latest study.

Conducted by the Department of Human Ecology, LSU Agricultural Center in Louisiana, it investigated the efficacy of Calcilife on mineral absorption, mineral retention in bones and overall bone health in young rats.

The investigation involved 32 four-week old male Sprague-Dawley rats, each randomly assigned one of four dietary treatments in groups of eight for a 12-week period.

The Calcilife group had a consistently higher bone mineral density compared to other treatment groups. Furthermore, scFOS found in NutraFlora supported fermentation in the caecum. This increased its size, reduced the pH and so boosted the body's ability to absorb the calcium, magnesium and other minerals.

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