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Global healthcare systems are failing; nutrition policy needs to change now, says leading academic

By Shane Starling

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Nations and populations are in peril of being swamped by the cost of their healthcare systems unless a severe nutrition policy rethink can occur, says a leading academic.

“Public health is in a desperate state and it is getting worse,"​ said professor Paul Clayton from Oxford University's Institute of Food Brain & Behaviour and the University of Pecs.

"We need to find a way for the industry and the regulatory sector to communicate more effectively and to work in the public’s benefit.”

Professor Clayton added: “Both the regulators and certainly the industry I think are looking at this nutrition health nexus through a prism that is monotherapeutic or oligotherapeutic at best and it is very clear that there are grotesque public health problems which are overwhelming our healthcare facilities…”

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Sports Nutrition and supliments

Posted by Steve Collins,

Nutrition can be gain from our diet charts these are the other factors that affect the nutrition system.Yeah its true nutrition system should be change because it needs to be more precise, change the food system which is to be manufacture.

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Get more RDs working with populations across all health-care systems

Posted by Mary-Jo Overwater-Gervasio, MSc, MMSc,RD,

Another simple step to enabling people to get the messages of what foods and diets really work to get folks healthier is to get more registered dietitians employed much more intensely. prolifically, and primarily in public health,community health, and, of course, in conventional healthy-care sectors. That is, getting an RD on board AFTER the MD or nurse has failed to get the message across about diet and dietary change recommendations is counterproductive -- get the RD FIRST and enable an RD visit to be covered by 3rd party insurers. Likewise, having a health-care system where an RD gets 15-20 minutes to instruct a patient about optimal diet does NOT work -- it takes a few visits, 45 minutes to an hour at a time - it's worth it! Get more RDs working with academic nutritionists on health-care policies and procedures for local, national, and global health-care systems. RDs are educated and experienced in delivering the best care to the public on how to make effective and do-able changes to healthier diets so as to optimize the nutrition-health nexus. This is what we do! MDs, nurses, public health nutritionists are too busy with other aspects of medical care and/or policy. RDs are the missing link to what could be health-care systems that truly accomplish what they need to in order to get people, countries, and the world best-nourished and healthier.

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