Euromed SA

Euromed SA

EUROMED SA: Premium Quality Botanicals, since 1971

Founded in 1971 by German pharmaceutical company MADAUS, EUROMED S.A. is a leading producer of botanical extracts and natural active substances for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Headquarters, main production plant and Innovation Centre are located near Barcelona, Spain.

A new manufacturing plant (Murcia, Spain) expands nutraceutical ingredients production capabilities, with eco-friendly technologies as PURE-HYDRO PROCESS™, a proprietary water-based extraction.

Annually we extract more than 5,000 tons of biomass, subjected to strict selection and examination according to Good Agricultural and Collection Practices guidelines.

Euromed extracts are manufactured to highest quality standards, complying with worldwide GMPs, International Pharmacopoeias and regulations.

Decades of phytopharmaceutical experience, strong innovation and vertical integration, provide the global pharmaceutical and nutraceutical markets seeking consistency of every production batch, with high quality botanical extracts, guaranteed for traceability, identity, purity, potency, safety and sustainability.

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