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IBS microbiome subtypes impact response to low FODMAP diet

By Nikki Hancocks

New research suggests the effectiveness of a low a FODMAP diet for IBS symptoms may result from the alterations in gut microbiota meaning microbiota signatures could be useful as biomarkers to guide IBS treatment.

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FODMAPs removed with enzymes: New opportunities for innovation

By Nikki Hancocks

Researchers have discovered a way to use enzymes to break down the FODMAPs in nutritious foods that often cause intestinal issues, creating hope that manufacturers could create new stomach-friendly and highly nutritious plant-based products.

Bay's Kitchen

Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Low FODMAP startup a hit with mainstream market

Bay’s Kitchen, a startup that produces a range of low-FODMAP products aimed at people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, has secured a “six-figure investment” to fund ongoing NPD and help bring their range into the mainstream.


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