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Probi and Viva5 announces joint probiotic venture

Probi and Viva5 announces joint probiotic venture

By Will Chu

Swedish-based firm Probi and Viva5 Group are to enter into a partnership that looks to focus on developing a range of probiotic-based products for the functional food and beverage sector.

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How to build trust and transparency in the omega-3 industry?

By Nikki Hancocks

Building trust and transparency is a key challenge for the omega-3 industry today but what are the best strategies for building these core values in the industry? In a webinar hosted by NutraIngredients, four experts in the field came together to answer...

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From the editor's desk

Some truths endure, even through the confusions of today

By Hank Schultz

Botanical ingredients have a history of thousands of years of supporting human health. As we enter springtime in the North Hemisphere it's comforting to reflect on the fact that that will still be true even as the current crisis passes.

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