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The FSA issues warning on responsible CBD food marketing

The FSA issues warning on responsible CBD food marketing

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA)’s chief executive is urging the CBD industry to market their products responsibly and has offered support to local authorities that need help with their enforcement efforts.

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Guest article

Curcumin: The powerful botanical that could

By Traci Kantowski, Communications Director, Global Curcumin Association

When asked to write this article, the Simple Minds song “Don’t You forget about me” immediately popped in my head. While it’s no longer the exciting new kid on the block, curcumin is the “friend” the industry needs.

European Council adopts 0.3% maximum THC levels

European Council adopts 0.3% maximum THC levels

By Kavitha Sivasubramaniam

The European Council has adopted the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which restores tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) levels of hemp varieties back to 0.3%.

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Guest article

Industry needs consensus in 2022, CRN says

By Steve Mister, President and CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition

As the dietary supplement industry turns the corner to 2022, a range of challenges confronts us— supply chain disruptions, staffing shortages, and inflationary pressures, to name a few. Some difficulties must be addressed individually, but I suggest the...

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Guest article

The Martian: Cultivating seeds of hope on Earth

By George Paraskevakos, IPA Executive Director

I recently came across, what was dubbed a space movie and recalled one of the reviews which stood out the most; “The Martian is a film about human error, the will to survive, and the responsibility that we have as human beings, not just to the work that...



Probiotics firm Roelmi achieves highest award for CSR efforts

By Will Chu

Probiotics firm Roelmi HPC has been awarded Platinum status for 2021 by ratings firm EcoVadis, for its efforts in implementing environmental-friendly practices core to its No Impact In Progress (NIP) program.

Coffee berries, also known as coffee cherries or the outer layer of the coffee fruit, are a rich source of polyphenols, which may exert brain health benefits.   Image © Bartosz Hadyniak / Getty Images

Coffee berry extract may boost alertness & mood: PepsiCo study

By Stephen Daniells

A single dose of an extracts from coffee berry – the outer layer of the coffee fruit and a rich source of polyphenols – may boost alertness in healthy men and women, with effects still observable six hours after consumption, says a new study.

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