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Sochi doping bust: German biathlete Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (pictured) blames supplements but ESSNA says, “Athletes continue to talk tosh about contaminated supplements”

Special edition: Sports nutrition

Offside! ESSNA blows whistle on athletes’ doping excuses


Europe’s sports nutrition sector today launched a stinging attack on elite athletes who blame doping infringements on contaminated sports supplements as happened multiple times at the recent Winter Olympiad in Sochi, Russia.

Padina pavonica: At least one study showed it could benefit bone density but EFSA said the data was lacking

EFSA health claim opinion

Maltese firm to appeal “bully” EFSA over bone health claim rejection


EFSA is an irrational scientific bully that is damaging the European nutrition sector and driving activity to more business-friendly regions like Asia and the US, says the chief a Maltese firm just rejected by the agency for a second time.

What is the functional food magic number? Why, 0.84 of course…

What is the functional food magic number? Why, 0.84 of course…

By Diana Cowland

At what point are consumers prepared to purchase fortified or functional foods and drinks? That’d be 0.84 according to the fortified/functional (FF) curve. Say what?...Euromonitor International analyst Diana Cowland explains why traditional markets remain...

Unilever gets stick in Spain for Flora pro-activ advertisement after failing to communicate that the product is only for those looking to reduce cholesterol.

Unilever’s Flora ad trouble spreads to Spain

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

The Spanish advertising authority, Autocontrol, has accused Unilever of misleading advertisement of its Flora pro-activ spread by failing to include a statement stipulating target audience and conditions of consumption of the cholesterol-lowering product...

Euromonitor: “It’s an interesting development where the brand is clearly focused on targeting the ageing population in its key region – Western Europe.”

Benecol ahead of Unilever Pro-activ with bone-heart claims?


Benecol has expanded its plant stanol, cholesterol management-based health offering in the UK by adding vitamins that permit approved EU heart and bone health claims – a move analysts said should resonate with older consumers and give rival pro-activ...

Chr. Hansen says its new liquid probiotic is a more child- and elderly- friendly dosage form than tablets

Chr. Hansen takes first shot at liquid probiotics

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

Chr. Hansen has announced the launch of its first liquid form probiotic with a broad target audience, available in a shot dosage which has already proved popular in Italy.

New firm Burr and Burr spends £35m on two omega-3 acquisitions

New firm seals deal on £35m omega-3 acquisitions

By Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn

New London based supplement firm Burr and Burr has announced the completion of two brand acquisitions totalling £35m within the omega-3 health supplement sector.

Titanic sank on April 15, 1912 on its maiden voyage from the UK to the US (Picture Credit: Mecookie/Flickr)

energy drinks giant defends 'ironic' advertisement

Red Bull refuses to scupper Titanic advert slammed as 'despicable'


Red Bull has refused to pull a cartoon ad featuring the RMS Titanic that the chair of the ship's heritage trust says is 'despicable', arguing that the tragedy was 'so great that it has now made its way into our language' and stressing...


From the 20th International Congress of Nutrition in Granada, Spain

Unilever: Healthier food choices must be ‘doable’


The food industry came under attack last week at the International Congress of Nutrition (#ICN20) for not doing enough to improve the healthiness of its portfolios…unfairly, says Unilever.

Protein is moving away from sports nutrition and toward mass market appeal

Special edition: Amino acids and protein

Beyond the gym: Is satiety the next frontier for protein?

By Nathan Gray

While building muscle may take centre stage for protein ingredients, there is a mass of potential health benefits from increasing protein intakes, and increasing satiety may be the next big thing.

BJC: “We talk to them about what to bring to market and how and we come to a conclusion together.

FI Asia-Thailand

Distribution prime: ‘European approach is useless in Asia’

By Shane Starling at FI Asia-Thailand in Bangkok

One thing both niche players and the largest multinational suppliers like DSM, Tate & Lyle and Naturex have in common when it comes to doing business in Asia is their heavy reliance on local distributors.

Can of Chinese Red Bull (Picture Credit: Flickr/Mararie)


Chinese fake seizures prompt Red Bull response


Red Bull insists it watches the Chinese market closely to guard against fakes after authorities arrested 13 people in August and seized thousands of counterfeit energy drinks, as an analyst warns the issue is a serious problem in 'virtually every...

“Lucozade and Ribena are iconic brands that have made a huge contribution to GSK over the years, but now is the right time to sell them...

SOLD! GSK exits drinks market

Glaxo sells Lucozade and Ribena to Suntory for £1.35bn cash


Ever-expanding Japanese beverage behemoth, Suntory, is the new owner of Lucozade and Ribena, which GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has sold for £1.35bn (€1.6bn/$2.11bn) as it admits defeat in its internationalisation plans and trains its focus on its pharma activities.

Norwich brewer Redwell's current range includes a 'steam lager'

‘Absolutely insane’ that Red Bull can trademark the word ‘Red’: brewery

Red Bull warns UK craft brewer 'Redwell' over trademark infringement


Redwell Brewing says Red Bull’s UK trademark for the word ‘Red’ is ‘absolutely insane’ after the Austrian energy drinks giant sent the craft brewer a stern letter warning of trademark infringement.

“…the Board does not believe that the market fully appreciates the value of the Science in Sport Business...

Provexis seeks to demerge Science in Sport and Fruitflow

UK firm Provexis has filed to demerge the Science in Sport (SiS) consumer sports brand it purchased for €10m in June 2011 from its Fruitflow tomato-based ingredients business, as it believes the separation will increase the market value and perception...

Green bull? ‘Natural energy’ grows health claim wings

By Diana Cowland

The EU energy market is set to grow by €1bn by 2017 and much of that could come from ‘natural energy’, a sub-sector that has been boosted by recent health claim approvals, says Euromonitor International analyst, Diana Cowland.

Picture Credit: Flickr/Sheffield Tiger

Red Bull won’t give runners wings, small-scale study suggests


Red Bull energy shots failed to improve the time in which experienced runners completed a 5km run versus a placebo, according to a new, but small-scale US/Australian study claiming to be the first to examine the efficacy of shots rather than energy drinks...

Frutarom: “Now we want really to go deeper into functional foods.

Frutarom: ‘We want to expand our functional foods business’


Swiss-Israeli flavours and ingredients house Frutarom wants a greater slice of the global functional foods and drinks market with new investment and initiatives to tap markets like the Americas and Asia and the “sensitive” European market.

Faking it: Superfruit market 'ripe' for adulteration

Special edition: Superfruits - old news or still super?

Faking it: Superfruit market 'ripe' for adulteration

By Nathan Gray

Increasing raw material costs coupled with growing demand for natural health solutions has seen the market for superfruits boom in recent years, but has it may have also left the market ripe for adulteration.

Nestlé buys Louisiana depression food firm

Nestlé buys Louisiana depression food firm


Nestlé has bought its second brain health-focused medical foods start-up in eight months after snaffling Red River Pharma-owned Pamlab which makes high-dose vitamin supplements targeting depression, diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

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